Types of Patterns and Their Meanings

There are many different types of patterns encompassing everything from traditional themes of seasonal and natural beauty to geometric patterns. Each has its own meaning, story, and soul that is greater than anything that can be expressed with the single word “design.” Our woodblocks have come down to us from generation upon generation of past karakami artists. They are home to gods and spirits that reside within them, as well as the prayers and wishes of human beings. We have always maintained that our woodblocks are imbued with an invisible power, and that it is through transferring this power to paper with sincere hearts that we create genuine patterns. That is what sets Karacho karakami apart.

Patterns have the power to protect us, and each pattern has its own meaning and story. Many powers are hidden within the patterns, such as protection against evil, warding off misfortune, purification, protection, longevity, preventing disaster, good health, growth, prosperity, hope, great happiness, good fortune, improved fortunes for the family, commercial prosperity, prosperity for one’s descendants, marital bliss, and matchmaking. Everyone wants to be happy and for their personal situation to improve. If the Karacho patterns are imbued with the hopes and desires of people, then I believe that there is value for all people in taking our patterns in their hands. That is my message. Karacho patterns have a special power to overcome multitudes of natural disasters, human disasters, wars and generational changes, protecting people with true miracles. Our wish is to envelop the lives of people and the time they spend on this Earth in Karacho patterns and the esthetic power that we have inherited from our ancestors.

The Heisei Reiwa no Hyakumonyo Project