The Heisei Reiwa no Hyakumonyo Project(woodblock publicized in April 2018)

Succession, prosperity

This pattern was created in collaboration with Shoyeido Incense Co. Founded in Kyoto in 1705, the venerable incense shop boasts a tradition of over 300 years.
With the opening of the shop’s Kunjyukan incense center in 2018, we carved a new woodblock with the Genjiko pattern to symbolize the spread of incense culture. As fellow artists long sharing the mission to carry Japanese culture into the future, we have imbued this pattern with the desire to pass down ever better, ever more beautiful Japanese culture through both incense and karakami. Shoju is an alias of Shoyeido, and Shojugonomi Genjiko means “the Genjiko that is fond of Shoju.”

Description by Karakamishi Toto Akihiko