The Heisei Reiwa no Hyakumonyo Project(woodblock publicized in March 2019)

World peace, prosperity

This pattern was created through a collaboration between the composer Masaru Nishiyama and Toto Akihiko.
The woodblock represents a first, historic attempt by Karacho to represent music in the form of a karakami pattern. It is the product of numerous dialogues discussing what should be passed on to the future under the theme of “a bridge where sound is made visible.” The musical notes featured in this pattern were written by Mr. Nishiyama as an ode to God and contain a strong, prayerful message that there is always joy and happiness beyond the sadness. With the bamboo representing the gathering sounds of the wind, and the deer representing the god of the mountains, this pattern resemble the view from a stained-glass window and symbolizes the meeting of nature lovers in Saga, which became the birthplace of the pattern.

Description by Karakamishi Toto Akihiko