The Heisei Reiwa no Hyakumonyo Project(woodblock publicized in February 2023)

Hope, growth, prosperity, diversity, circulation

This pattern was made in collaboration with Doshisha University’s Faculty of Global and Regional Studies (GR). Part of it even appears on the GR faculty’s official logo. It combines a cross with spirals to express the hope that the values born of the interactions between diverse peoples, regions, countries and civilizations through the ages will spread and circulate as beacons of hope. The pattern combines a G (global) surrounded by Rs (regional) with a cross representing light and diversity and the magical spiral Rs in a motif of light and shadow, bringing to mind the light of beautiful stained-glass windows. The lattice pattern wards off evil, protecting students’ thoughts and aspirations so that they may bring light to this chaotic world.

Description by Karakamishi Toto Akihiko