The Heisei Reiwa no Hyakumonyo Project(woodblock publicized in December 2019)

Bountiful harvests, prosperity for one’s descendants, peace, innovation, marital bliss

Tsurunoko are one’s descendants eight generations in the future. Also called unson, the word is written with the kanji for “cloud” and “grandchild.” As the inheritors of the Tenpyo Ogumo pattern that has come down to us from the Edo Period (1603-1867), we recreated this pattern to pass it on to future generations. The cloud is a lucky omen representing fruitfulness and bountiful harvests. We have shaped it into a round crest to signify the world changing into a more rounded place of peace and harmony. The design uses two clouds to form a single shape, representing the marital bliss of a couple that supports one another, at times taking the spot in the sun, and at others retreating into the shadow. We hope that these eight clouds in the sun and shade will direct people’s thoughts to the world eight generations from now, serving as a reminder that there was once a person who created this pattern to express a prayer through karakami for world peace and the happiness of all humankind.

Description by Karakamishi Toto Akihiko