Kira Karacho is engaged in a wide range of product development, novelties, and collaborations using the distinctive Karacho patterns, passed down from generation to generation.

“A life that incorporates the things you like in your daily tasks, Living esthetically through life with art.”

At Kira Karacho we are challenging ourselves with various collaborations based on the above concept. Please contact us using the inquiry form for requests and consultations.



Doshisha University Faculty of Global and Regional Studies: Official Logo

Doshisha University’s Faculty of Global and Regional Studies (GR) commissioned us to create a logo for the 10th anniversary of its establishment. Conceptualizing the base of the logo as a karakami pattern, we collaborated with the faculty to create a pattern that matches the faculty’s concept. The pattern was included in the Heisei Reiwa no Hyakumonyo (100 patterns of Heisei and Reiwa) Project, and the symbolic part of that work was designed to become the official logo of the GR Faculty.

Craft Gin “Ki no Bi (The Beauty of the Seasons)”
The Kyoto Distillery

In autumn 2016, the Kyoto Distillery announced the creation of the first super premium craft gin in Kyoto, “Ki no Bi.” The Kyoto craft gin “Ki no Bi,” which has won international acclaim including the highest award at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), owes its design to Kira Karacho. The product name “Ki no Bi” was even chosen by Toto Akihiko. He has also collaborated on various other products such as “Ki no Bi Sei,” “Ki no Tea,” “Ki no Tou,” “Ki no Jyu,” and “Kin no Bi,” supervising the design of each bottle.

Concept Rooms “KIN-UN (Golden Cloud)” and “GIN-GETSU (Silver Moon)”
Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto

Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto collaborated with Kira Karacho to celebrate the 50th anniversary of opening its doors. The concept rooms “KIN-UN” and “GIN-GETSU” were created under the direction of Kira Karacho, who was in charge of space and interior decorating, including carpets, curtains, mirrors, cushions, and bedspreads.

Macaron “Treasure Boxes”

In the winter of 2018, Kira Karacho collaborated with the French Maison Ladurée to launch luxury treasure boxes, limited to six pieces worldwide. The first of these, the Karakami Treasure Box, was prominently displayed at the main Ladurée Paris Royale store.


From spring 2015, Kira Karacho has been creating tableware with Noritake, a Western tableware company with its roots in Japanese esthetics, spirit, and sincerity.

La quoh/Leather Goods and Accessories

La quoh offers stationery, bags, and accessories as an original brand of Masugi, which was founded in 1713 as a producer of luxury products of timeless and universal value. Our aim was to create lifestyle items to be utilized daily, imbued with the essence of the Karacho patterns, that express new nuances of design and value by taking the essence of the stories found in Kyoto.


Silverware from Christofle, a long-established French company, is known as a “the art of the dining table.” A luxury lifestyle brand that was favored by King Louis Philippe of France and Napoleon III, Christofle has been committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality since its establishment in 1830. The meticulous and delicate craftsmanship of these artisans has given the “Kaku Tsunagi” pattern a beautiful luster, a new expressive element for a tray. In addition to being a practical tray you can use to create an exquisite tea time, it also works as an art piece for your wall creating an elegant and graceful space.

Patterned Jewelry
Grunberger Diamonds

Grunberger Diamonds is known for its excellent cut melee diamonds in heart and cupid patterns, which have been honored by the Belgian Royal Family and are considered the most brilliant in history. For three generations, Grunberger Diamonds has passed on the means of achieving the highest quality, utilizing outstandingly skilled craftsmanship, and the company produces gems that have been praised by high-class jewelry brands around the world.
Grunberger Diamonds and Kira Karacho have collaborated in three ways: the presentation of the world’s first diamond-infused karakami artwork, the creation of the heart & cupid pattern in the Heisei Reiwa no Hyakumonyo (100 patterns of Heisei and Reiwa) Project, and the designing and development of patterned jewelry under the supervision of Kira Karacho.

Sherry cask-aged special original liquor “ito (thread)”
Koyama Honke Brewery

Nada Hamafukutsuru Sake Brewery of Koyama Honke Shuzo expresses the world woven by Japanese tradition and craftsmanship in this sherry cask-aged special pure sake fittingly called “Ito (thread).”
This esteemed sake manufacturer wished for something that had never been done before: a beautiful package that was worthy of their sake. Offered the opportunity to create, Kira Karacho gave shape to that desire by supervising the pattern and designing the labels and packaging. This beautiful and unique piece was created from karakami paper with a pattern called “Oami Botan (Big Net Peony).”

Bird and Beast Caricatures Collaboration Items
Tokyo National Museum
Special Exhibition “All About National Treasure Bird and Beast Caricatures: Frolicking Animals”

April 13, 2021—June 20, 2021 A special collaboration work of birds, beasts, and caricatures with Kira Karacho was launched as a Tokyo National Museum special exhibition entitled “Kokuho Chouu Giga no Subete (All About National Treasure Bird and Beast Caricatures: Frolicking Animals).” The unique patterns and sophisticated color schemes of Kira Karacho featured on special folding fans, small notebooks, kaishi (Japanese pocket paper), and miniature bags caused a sensation.


◎Komachi-beni (Ita beni)/Isehan Honten
In Spring 2019, the collaboration with Isehan Honten, “Komachi-beni (Komachi rouge)” was presented. Since the establishment of the Isehan Honten (main store) in 1825, Komachi-beni has fascinated women with its signature colors. The limited-edition Komachi-beni came into existence due to a very special collaboration between Isehan Honten and Kira Karacho, which preserves the 400-year history of a karakami shop while looking toward the next generation.

◎Imabari Kinsei × Kira Karacho Towel / Imabari Kinsei
A commemorative towel series celebrating cumulative sales of 10 million units. Commemorating the cumulative sales of 10 million Imabari Kinsei towels, we announced the “Imabari Kinsei Kira Karacho Towels” in summer 2018.

◎Original Kaishi (pocket paper) and fans / Kyoto Geihinkan (State Guest House)
Kaishi and fans with the Goshichi-kiri (5-7 paulownia) pattern have been available since winter 2013. Sold at Kyoto Geihinkan.

◎Original Wrapping Paper/Sunshukai
The Belle Maison gift catalog, specializing in MUSUBI Wedding, and Kira Karacho have collaborated to create an original wrapping.

In the fall of 2018, we collaborated with X’S to create tiles featuring Karacho patterns. Beginning from the wonderful concept of “WITH THANKS FOR THE MOTHER EARTH,” X’S produced high quality tiles, and these patterned tiles in particular are created with superior technology and attention to detail, resulting in tiles with a texture that cannot be found anywhere else.

◎SK-II/Christmas Coffrets
In the winter of 2016, SK-II and Kira Karacho collaborated to produce pouches and other items as Christmas Coffrets.

◎Package Design/Itohkyuemon
In the winter of 2015 Kira Karacho introduced a set of three kinds of matcha chocolates with papiers and a set of three types of matcha chocolates and bean dishes with Itohkyuemon, a teahouse in Uji, Kyoto.

In the winter of 2014, bedding with Karacho patterns was introduced in collaboration with Kyoto-based bedding manufacturer Nishikawa.

◎Package Design/Gekkeikan
Between 2012 – 2021, the pattern for Gekkeikan Sake “Tsuki (Moon)” and “Yamadanishiki (a type of rice) Junmai Pack” (duty free package) was produced.