The Heisei Reiwa no Hyakumonyo Project(woodblock publicized in April 2019)

Warding off misfortune and inviting luck, change and rebirth, prosperity, succession

This legacy pattern serves as a symbol of the Heisei Reiwa no Hyakumonyo Project.
Designer Hitomi Sago adapted Toto Akihiko’s concept into a stylized design. It represents a prayer for the One Hundred (representing diversity) to continue to prosper within the Tree of Life that possesses the power of whirlpools. It incorporates the original form of the kanji characters, with the whirlpool symbolizing change and rebirth, while the One Hundred not only signifies “the multitude,” but also represents the spiritual world of karakami that is home to the eight million gods of Shinto. The roots below represent respect and gratitude for that which is hidden from view, as well as the inheritance of roots, traditions and history. The peach shape embracing the entire design represents prosperity. At the same time, it contains the power to ward off bad luck, as in the legend of Izanagi and Izanami.

Description by Karakamishi Toto Akihiko