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KIRA KARACHO Atelier  Bespoke Service offers an opportunity to create a personal and unique paper items with Karakami paper printed by KARACHO’s woodenblocks.
You can order not only fusuma sliding doors, wallpapers interior papers but also art flame, panel, partition, lamp shade, cards, letter, envelopes, business cards, furthermore paper goods for wedding, such as invitation cards, seating places, welcome board and so on.
Our atelier is surrounded with the atmosphere like the private saloon, and you can enjoy our huge variety of Karakami arrangement and order with our design and color ways printed by KARACHO’s woodblock which have been looked after by our families since Edo period.
  We work with you to produce your own Karakami goods suitable for your modern life. It will take one or two months to hand-print karakami in our atelier after your purchase of order. An estimated price is about ¥40,000-50,000 per one fusuma paper( about w90cm / h180cm), we will make an estimate individually. You can chose three element, KARACHO pattern, the color of paper and the color of pattern, and then we hand-print paper only for you, and it will be an only one in the world. We are sure to produce various size of paper, so please do not hesitate to ask us.  We also deliver our karakami paper anywhere, so you can ask your constructor by your side.   


269 Daimon-chou Kamigyo-ku Kyoto-shi google map
Tel +81-75-251-1550 Fax +81-75-251-1557
Closed on Sundays and public holidays
  Before we deal our karakami, we would like to see the face and to talk with our customer. We do handprint only for someone who loving karakami works and then we ask a favor of every customer to come our atelier in Kyoto, but we are sure to produce for those who need karakami. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We have neither catalogs nor sample books, therefore we welcome every customer to come our two atelier in Kyoto, one is KIRA KARACHO and the other is Shugakuin Kobo. Please be careful as there are some imitations called Kyo-karakami those who sell some paper with catalogs etc. They are obviously different from our KARACHO paper products.  

KARAKAMI artisan TOTO AKIHIKO (KARAKAMISHI)   TOTO has been working as a craftsman in KARACHO, that is a famous studio of KARAKAMI woodblock-printed paper in Kyoto established in 1624, and making traditional ‘fusuma‘ sliding doors and wall papers, and he is also passionate about an artistic expression with KARAKAMI. His original method called ‘SHIFUKU’ painting with his fingers can create unique works of art, and one of them is being shown in MIHO MUSEUM.
He provides his KARAKAMI works for various temples, shrines, public facilities, and private houses, and people feel drawn to his works which the spiritual power of language brings some scenes and stories, that is a reason why he is called KOTONOHA KARAKAMI-SHI.
His artwork called ‘Wish on a star’ is displayed next to the important cultural property by TAWARAYA SOUTATSU in YOHGENIN temple in Kyoto, and he had also restored another SOUTATSU’s work there.
As mentioned above, he is devoting himself to maintain the traditional works, and trying to establish the contemporary arts with KARAKAMI at the same time.


KARAKAMI artisan AIKO SENDA (KARAKAMISHI)   Senda Aiko is the eldest daughter of Kenkichi Senda, the 11th-generation owner of KARACHO. She has been working with her husband, TOTO AKIHIKO, to make KARACHO popular among the world and for the future. Kenkichi recognizes that she has the excellent sense of color as KARACHO’ DNA. Due to her aesthetic which has been cultivated from her childhood, she became the pioneer of KARAKAMI cards business from KARACHO’s original business, such as ‘fusuma’ sliding doors and wall papers. Her KARAKAMI cards have caught the interest of a wide generation among the world.

Furthermore she started her new business which concept is ‘ Life with KARAKAMI’. She uses KARACHO’S patterns to develop another products such as bags, pouches, scarves, handkerchiefs and cases of smartphone.

She also opened her new shop in the ground floor of Hankyu department store in Osaka Umeda on Nov.2011. Not only the activities as KARAKAMI artisan, but she often appears on fashion magazines, television and radio in order to share the karakami culture. Especially the winter promotion of JR in 2012 is well known as we could see her visual everywhere in JR stations and trains.


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