Examples of Space and Interior Coordination

At Karacho and Kira Karacho, we infuse our karakami patterns with wishes for happiness, and we believe that when we surround a space with our patterns, we are in fact enveloping it in that same happiness. We offer design coordination services for all spaces and interiors for residences, hotels, stores, and various facilities. The esthetics and worldview of Kira Karacho karakami and patterns can be explored in wallpaper, carpets, chairs and other furniture, tiles, mirrors, curtains, glass, and myriad other interior items. If you wish to consult with us about the use of patterns for space and interior coordination, remodeling, and renovation work, please fill out and submit the consultation form.

Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto
Concept Rooms “KIN-UN: Golden Cloud” and “GIN-GETSU: Silver Moon”

Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto collaborated with Kira Karacho to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its opening. Kira Karacho supervised the creation of the concept rooms “Golden Cloud” and “Silver Moon,” coordinating spaces and interior elements such as carpets, curtains, mirrors, cushions, and bedspreads.

Karakami Artwork + Finn Juhl Chair
+ Patterned Carpet + Cushions

The guest rooms convey the unique worldview of Kira Karacho combined with karakami art and patterns. Chairs, carpets, and cushions custom-made from patterned fabrics from Kawashima Selkon Textiles not only add beautiful color and depth to interior spaces, but also bring an indescribable power to those who stay.

Finn Juhl Collaboration Chair
Custom-made Patterned Fabrics

Finn Juhl, known as the “sculptor of furniture” for his supremely comfortable seating featuring beautiful curves and a thoughtful esthetic sense, is one of Denmark’s leading furniture designers. This is an exquisite collaboration using custom-made fabrics from Kawashima Selkon Textiles, which incorporates patterns in woven fabrics, on a masterpiece chair made by Kitani, the only company in the world that has continued to produce the “No.53” easy chair, which was first introduced in 1953.

Finn Juhl Collaboration Chair

Finn Juhl is one of Denmark’s leading furniture designers. This is an exquisite collaboration using custom-made fabrics from Kawashima Selkon Textiles, which incorporates patterns in woven fabrics, on a masterpiece chair made by Kitani, the only company in the world that has continued to produce the “No.53” easy chair, which was first created in 1953. The pattern is “Kaku Tsunagi (Connecting Corners).” It has continued to be one of our most popular patterns at Karacho for generations. The black and white color scheme adds accents of class and dignity to the interior.

Jacob Kjær Collaboration Chair
“Obotan (Large Peony)” Karakami Lampshade

A superb collaboration between designer Jacob Kjær’s gentle, comfortable chair, the JK-01, and custom-made fabric from Kawashima Selkon Textiles. The exquisite fabric, woven with a square-jointed pattern in blue and black, creates a striking and sophisticated piece, enhancing any space.
In this dining area, a lampshade of karakami paper with the “Obotan (large peony)” pattern printed in champagne gold creates a color scheme for the space in which the blue of the chairs and the champagne gold of the lamp contrast beautifully with the calm color tones of the room.

Patterned Mirror Frame
Special Process of Pattern Design on Mirrors

Art piece framed with a mirror specially processed with a pattern.
Combined with the LALIQUE base, the exquisite, patterned mirror will be an elegant part of your life as if you were decorating a painting or object d’art.

Kira Karacho Island Kitchen
Patterned Glass Doors

This Kira Karacho original island kitchen combines natural quartz countertops featuring a Spanish black marble motif with a Miele dishwasher and GAGGENAU induction heating stove. The doors are finished with special decorative glass fittings. The beauty of the patterned door shining in the morning and evening light is exceptional.

Television Stand

The original TV board with karakami tailoring on the door is displayed with SKULTUNA flower vases and antique boxes.

Karakami Partitions

Partitions Connected by Brass Hinges.
The width and depth of the partitions can be adjusted by opening and closing the panels, making them suitable for use as space dividers or decorations to accent the space.

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles in collaboration with X’S, a professional team which values authentic textures when manufacturing tiles with handcrafted finishes.


The custom-made curtains made with patterned fabrics from Kawashima Selkon Textiles offer a variety of possibilities in the luxurious spaces designed by Kira Karacho.

Patterned Stained Glass

The beautiful blue stained glass with amulet patterns has the power to protect your precious home. When light flows through the glass, it gives a special expression to the residents.

Folded Screen Covered with Karakami

The folding screen can be adjusted in width and depth by opening and closing the panels, and can be loved not only as art, but also as a space divider or accent for your space. You can order Rikyu (five-joint) folding screens and Furosaki (low folding screen used in tea ceremony), as well as Nikyoku (two panel) folding screens and Shikyoku (four panel) folding screens according to various dimensions.

Dual-folding Screens / Artwork Title: Symphony of Light
Leica Camera Art Gallery Kyoto, Exhibited Works (2017)

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