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In December 2010 / In December 2011
We dealt with the restoration of the Soutatsu Tawaraya's "MATSU no Zu" in Yogen-in, an important cultural property after two and a half years.


"Some other time, our descendant will challenge this karakami of the dragon again." TOTO AKIHIKO said.
  In November 2011
I repaired the KARAKAMI of the Hokin-temple for the first time in 350 years

雲母唐長(KIRA KARACHO)の唐紙修復「烹金寺 襖:変わり観世水」雲母唐長(KIRA KARACHO)の唐紙修復「烹金寺 天袋:丸龍」雲母唐長(KIRA KARACHO)の唐紙修復「養源院 修復前」雲母唐長(KIRA KARACHO)の唐紙修復「養源院 修復前」

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