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雲母唐長(KIRA KARACHO)のランプのオーダーメイド

When we developed our lampshades, we explore the way to express the Japanese sense of beauty which is cultivated among the beautiful karakami papers in candle light and moon light in the old days, as well as we aimed our lampshades would suit European and Japanese interior style. We hope you enjoy the depth of karakami paper world of our lampshades, although a paper is two-dimensional, our karakami papers which have a white space and a shadow make the lampshade three-dimensional.

When you put our lampshade in your space as an accent for your interior like displaying the picture on a solid wall, you can find that it will be some three-dimensional beauty of space with our karakami papers .
You are aware it will change your mind not the space after turning on the gentle one subtle karakami light.
When you are thinking alone, drinking a couple of coffee, reading your favorite books or talking with your close friends, our karakami will give you some heartwarming atmosphere.
  Decorating an ordinary life, shadow of karakami.
KIRA KARACHO Atelier Bespoke Service offers an opportunity to create various kinds of lampshades with karakami paper printed by KARACHO’s woodblocks.
Our karakami lampshade are shining on your everyday lives in various scene such as pendant lights and stands for residences, studios, retail space, temples and some pubic faciities.

It will take one or two months after your purchase of order to make karakami lampshade in our atelier. Estimated price will be ¥40,000 - ¥60,000 for pendant type, and you can select KARACHO pattern and color ways from our huge collection. Re: diameter and height, We are sure to produce various size of lampshade, so please do not hesitate to ask us.

雲母唐長(KIRA KARACHO)オーダーメイドランプ「テーブルランプ・天平大雲」雲母唐長(KIRA KARACHO)オーダーメイドランプ「ランプ・南蛮七宝」雲母唐長(KIRA KARACHO)オーダーメイドランプ「テーブルランプ・唐草」雲母唐長(KIRA KARACHO)オーダーメイドランプ「ランプシェード」雲母唐長(KIRA KARACHO)オーダーメイドランプ「ランプシェード・九曜紋/雪花散らし」雲母唐長(KIRA KARACHO)オーダーメイドランプ「オーダーメイドランプ・光琳枝桜」雲母唐長(KIRA KARACHO)オーダーメイドランプ「ランプシェード・天平大雲」

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